Today, businesses face accelerating market changes, intense cost pressure, and increasing competition. To deal with this effectively, they need to be more productive, drive down operational and capital expenses and, above all, be more agile.

Nowhere is this truer than the data center. It underpins key business processes and delivers the information that companies needs to function and prosper. It must support existing business needs cost-effectively, and respond quickly to new ones. It needs to do more with less.Virtualization makes data centers more agile and reduces costs significantly. It makes more efficient use of servers, radically lowering hardware, real estate and energy requirements. It also reduces the effort needed to deploy, maintain and upgrade desktop computers and applications.

Macomprise has vast experience designing, deploying and maintaining successful virtualization solutions for leading clients around the globe. Our robust virtualized infrastructures increase productivity, drive down costs, and transform our clients IT capabilities. We also optimize our clients' existing virtualized infrastructures to ensure they meet their specific business needs and scale to meet their demands.

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Server Virtualization

In the traditional data center, each server is dedicated to an individual application and utilization can be as low as 6%. This wastes hardware, increases power and air-conditioning costs, and consumes vast amounts of additional floor space. However, with virtualization, multiple virtual servers run on each physical server – reclaiming wasted resources and dramatically reducing costs. Virtualization also makes data centers more responsive and efficient, since new applications can be deployed without having to install dedicated hardware.

Malcomprise can virtualize your data centers efficiently – and with minimal business disruption. Our knowledgeable virtualization experts provide a spectrum of services, from initial consulting to complete, turnkey virtualization programs. We are also experienced with both VMware and Microsoft virtualization technologies.

Desktop Virtualization

Traditional distributed desktop computing is a drain on resources and a barrier to agility. Desktop environments are expensive to deploy and maintain, and application upgrades are time consuming and error prone. In addition, user data is held locally rather than centrally, creating security and archiving issues.

With desktop virtualization, entire desktop environments run on centralized servers. Users then access these virtualized desktops from anywhere using a simple client. Virtualized desktops are easier to maintain and upgrade, and data is better protected and more secure.

Malcomprise provides industry-leading desktop virtualization solutions. We have an unparalleled record of reducing clients' costs, improving data integrity and simplifying application rollouts.