Unified Communications

Unified Communications

In today's information-enabled world, we communicate in many different ways, including mobile calls, video conferencing, text messaging, social media, and instant messaging. This communications explosion gives us new ways to interact, engage customers, work together and make business decisions. However, the real benefit comes when these technologies are brought together into a unified environment that empowers creativity and collaboration, streamlines business processes, and increases productivity.

This is the power of Unified Communications. 

Malcomprise provides a comprehensive range of Unified Communications (UC) solutions. These bring together telephony, web, data and video communications into a single user experience, and put intelligence into your communications infrastructure. Using UC, we can help you to create virtual teams, accelerate decision making, reduce travel costs, and create new organizational capabilities. Our Unified Communications solutions encompass a wide range of communications technologies, including the following:

  • Mobile and IP voice services
  • Instant messaging
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Web conferencing and application sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Contact centers

We integrate UC directly into your existing business processes, so that you can extend collaboration to your partners, suppliers and customers. We have a deep understanding of the benefits of UC, how it should be deployed, and how to tailor it to the needs and capabilities of your organization. Our experts will assess your current capabilities and readiness for change, develop an overall collaboration strategy, and design and implement your UC systems. They can also manage your UC infrastructure once it is deployed.

We can deliver UC on your premises or as a cloud service. We use technology from leading UC vendors, such as Cisco. Microsoft and Avaya, and provide high-performance, flexible solutions that are both cost effective and robust.

Contact us today to explore how our Unified Communications solutions can help you to transform the way that you do business.