Malcomprise provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team always emerges successfully to the challenge. In addition they communicate questions and clarifications clearly and logically. Of course some problems surface during the development cycle but they provide potential solutions to the problems.          

Trevor J. Sykes, USA

Vice President Engineering, JumpTV Inc., World's Leading Online TV Network    


We started work with Malcomprise about a year ago at first with a very small pilot project. It was a difficult beginning because I had no documentation of what I needed, but Malcomprise's hourly rate was low enough that I could afford to take a chance and have them help me develop my requirements at the same time as they started a small project.


Smith, London

Vice President,


I wanted to give you and your staff a sincere appreciation note for all of the things Malcomprise has done for Environmental Express as a company. The work earlier on in the year for SEO developed a solid relationship with your guidance and expertise. I was very impressed with your team. So much so that we felt comfortable to tackle the larger task of creating a completely new website. I am very pleased with the direction and focus that went into the new site. Your dedication to guide me along the entire path was unprecedented. I cannot say enough of how much patience Malcomprise was with my team, constantly changing our minds with the development process. And not to mention the late hours and even checking in on me upon returning home during the transition period. It is all very much appreciated. I look forward to continuing work with you and your company in the future.           

Lio Vitti, USA

Marketing Manager