How It Works

When you're working on something and your computer or software runs into problems, you need to get it fixed, or suffer the pain of failing to meet your deadlines or complete your work! Whether the job you're working on is critical, or simply part of the day to day running of your business, being stuck with a broken computer ultimately will mean money lost on your end.

With Malcomprise you can now get remote computer support that will help you overcome these computer problems in the comfort of your workplace / home and have the issue attended to immediately.

How Malcomprise Support works?

Step 1:

Contact Malcomprise on the provided toll free number. Our technician will understand the problem you are facing and request remote access to your computer to diagnose and find out the issues.

Step 2:

Technician will provide you access code that you will need to enter on our website's Remote Access Page. When you click download, a remote access software will be installed temporarily on your PC.

Step 3:

You will then click allow access to initiate the remote session. Through screen sharing, a tech support representative will try and fix your computer while you sit back and relax.


You have complete control over the remote computer support session. If for any reason you wish to stop the session, you can immediately do so by clicking on the red X button on the session window. Being the main user (primary user) of your computer, you will always have total control on remote session. By giving you this option, we provides you the user a safety net so that if you do not feel comfortable at all during any stage of the process, you can choose to stop the remote support session.

The Benefits of Remote Support

Remote support has a number of advantages that you and your company can enjoy. Here are some things to consider about using remote computer support services.

1. Cost Efficient

Through remote support, you will save travel time and costs for visiting and scheduling an appointment with a local technician. Your company will be freed from the need of having fulltime IT staff on the payroll. Also, since you will only be paying for the services that you actually receive, you will end up saving money and reducing overheads, without sacrificing your IT needs. We have different subscription plans for your needs.

2. Expert Support

Malcomprise has a pool of IT experts on call. These are the same IT experts who will help you when you encounter any problem with your computer or software applications. This means you receive the best expert advice for different kinds of problems from the same source.

3. Immediate Solution

Some things need to be fixed immediately. And that's precisely what Malcomprise remote support gives you - a quick and easy solution to your immediate IT problems. Suffer little to no downtime and have your business or your home use computer up and running again with remote computer support.

4. 24x7 Support

The best part of this service is that we are available 24x7 around the clock for your help. Because of its 24x7 Online Technical Support services, you will always have somebody available for your help. It does not matter its day or night, minor issue or major issue, even we are available on week-ends and holidays.