Enterprise Service Management


In today's complex market environment, enterprises and other organizations are dealing with unprecedented challenges. They face economic uncertainty, increasing cost pressures, escalating competition, rapidly evolving customer expectations, and stringent regulatory requirements. On the one hand, they need to be agile and innovate continuously, and, on the other, they need to drive down expenditures and focus on core competencies.

Malcomprise help its clients reduce their expenditures and enhance their organizational capabilities with a high-value range of enterprise service management offerings. We provide a complete and cost-effective enterprise process management service that delivers measurable improvements across multiple business functions. Our offerings include everything from process reengineering and business system deployment through to complete turnkey outsourcing. Our solutions improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, promote collaboration, and enhance shareholder value.

We take a comprehensive approach to enterprise service management that starts with understanding your business goals – and how these need to be supported by your business processes and systems. We then carry out extensive analysis of your existing systems and processes, identifying how these can be streamlined and enhanced to increase their efficiency and reduce their cost. We then work with stakeholders to develop a well-considered transition plan that minimizes business disruption and risk. Finally, we ensure that the skills, management structures and communications channels are in place to ensure operational excellence.

Our enterprise service management experience covers a comprehensive set of business functions, including supply chain, finance, manufacturing, and human resources. Our technical expertise covers major enterprise application vendors, including SAP and Oracle.

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