Business Continuity

Business Continuity

In today's connected and information-driven world, organizations are completely dependent on their information infrastructure. If disaster strikes, the consequences can be catastrophic. Prolonged downtimes or the loss of critical business destroys shareholder value – and in some cases can lead to bankruptcy. Even if it is possible to recover, it can take years and cost millions.

Business continuity addresses this issue, preparing organizations to respond to natural disasters, fires, acts of terrorism and other cataclysms. Effective business continuity planning limits the impact of disasters, protects mission-critical data and systems, and lets organizations resume normal operations quickly.

Malcomprise works with its clients develop and test their business continuity plans. We offer a comprehensive range of business continuity services, and back these up with proven real-world experience.

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Business Impact Evaluation

We can help you to examine a range of disaster scenarios and identify your key vulnerabilities. We then assess the business impact of these vulnerabilities, including downtime, data loss, revenue loss, and customer impact. Our disaster recovery specialists provide you with a complete assessment, along with a range of options to consider as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Business Continuity Planning

We can work with you to establish a comprehensive business continuity plan based on established best practices. This can include items such as backup data centers, disaster-recovery system configurations, secure offsite archiving, and business continuity processes and protocols.

Business Continuity Testing

Malcomprise can help you implement and test your disaster recovery plan, including any changes that are needed in your IT infrastructure and processes. We will work with you to test your plan under simulated disaster conditions, so you can identify and address any gaps. This will also help you to execute the plan effectively in the event of an actual disaster.